How It Works

How MSS Works

Our aim is to make the medical screening process as quick and straightforward as possible for you. Here’s how it works.

1. We receive an instruction from your prospective insurer. Depending on the type of insurance you’re applying for, this could involve a medical screening or a specimen test.

2. We contact you to arrange your appointment at a time and location to suit you. This could be at your home, your place of work or a clinic, whichever works best.

3. Any instructions for your appointment – if you need to fast before a blood test or refrain from caffeine, for example – are clearly communicated.

4. You attend your appointment with a highly-qualified MSS examiner. It normally lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

5. All your data is entered into the secure MSS app for real-time communication to your underwriter, with any test results available within 2 days.

6. And that’s it! Your insurer is now in a position to make a decision.

What Medical Screenings Involve

Tests can vary, of course, depending on the underwriter’s requirements. But your screening is likely to include a series of questions about your lifestyle and medical history – and that of your closest family. Don’t worry, we’re serious about maintaining your privacy and protecting your data. You can read about our governance and compliance policy here.

The highly-trained MSS nurse will also take some physical measurements – what you weigh, how tall you are and your blood pressure and heart rate, for example.

Depending the type of cover you require (and your age and medical history) you may also need to provide a urine, saliva or blood sample.

If we need blood, your nurse will draw it from a vein in your arm or the back or your hand. Make sure you let her know if you experience nausea or fainting – or if you’re on Warfarin or long-term aspirin. Please don’t forget to follow any fasting instructions you’re given prior to your appointment.

“I have been very impressed with the MSS service. The speed and ease of the cases has been the real highlight, as well as the fast turnaround times and transparency of the service and regular real time updates. Things have all been very smooth, an excellent service.”

Kieran Stratton,
Individual Assessment Manager, Ellipse